Toopy and Binoo
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The World of Toopy and Binoo

Toopy and Binoo form an inseparable duo who enthusiastically live life to the fullest. Brimming with imagination, they exist in a whimsical world where one incredible situation after another occurs, to the delight of television audiences.

The Characters

Toopy is a mouse with a very vivid imagination. Always spontaneous, he sees the world around him with an innocence that allows for anything and everything to be transformed.
Magic is all around with Toopy!
Binoo, the tiny cat, is the perfect sidekick for Toopy. He shares the same sense of wonder in the adventures with his friend, but his perceptiveness allows him to see the things that Toopy misses, without ever letting on to Toopy. Binoo never says a word about it, but the viewer sees what’s going on!

Their Worlds

Toopy and Binoo live in their pretty little house that is both practical and minimalistic: a bedroom and a bathroom furnished with only the essentials. But everything in their world holds the possibility of great adventure. Their bed or bathtub takes them on marvelous voyages to many different places, where the laws of reality are defied. The adventures of Toopy and Binoo are glimpses into limitless imaginary worlds and fantastical stories. Their friends, creatures each more original than the next, are also fun and fascinating.

Welcome to the world of Toopy and Binoo, a whimsical universe that is both colourful and inviting!

The Books

Dominique Jolin published the first adventures of Toopy and Binoo in 1996. With vivid graphics and fun-filled texts, the author presents irresistible stories with marvelous details. The series very quickly became a success, having sold more than 150,000 copies in Quebec. The books are also used by teachers to help children learn to read at school. Much to the delight of their public, Toopy and Binoo continue to have new adventures. They can also be found in shorter formats, allowing them to share the joy of reading and love of life with even the youngest of audiences.

Toopy and Binoo are finally back!

For this new season, the episodes of the TV series present a whole new very lively version Toopy and Binoo. Larger than life characters walk, sail and fly through their imaginary world, whether in their bed or bathtub. Our two mischievous characters embark on adventures of discovery in their world and invite children to participate in those adventures with their heroes.